It’s time to go back to school! Forbidden Fruit invites you to join an unusual party where you will have the opportunity to learn some very important lessons: the art of seduction and love games 😉

Do you remember your strict professor or a hot physical education teacher? Those teachers for which you could not concentrate because of her short skirts, her deep neckline and her naughty look out of the glasses? Are you still fantasizing about one of the popular girls in mini-skirts, who always blinked down the hallways and seductively sighing?

Dress up your sexy school uniform and get ready for a re-school meeting. Now you have the option to do everything that was not allowed at that time.
We will exchange some experiences, try out sexy roles, test your skills and see what you are all willing to do to get a better rating …

Party plan:
The party starts at 8 pm in a stimulating ambience where excellent performers, good music, great drinks and naughty games are waiting for you. It is up to you to make the most of your role, and we will provide for the perfect comfort.

When the atmosphere reaches its climax, all of you would want to go to a supplementary school with your professor / s to go to one of the hot rooms in order to process the learning material well. As you know, we fully support the exchange of pupils 🙂

Dress code:
LADIES: Women’s school uniforms, sexy and wild, like after a whole night’s party! BE CREATIVE  – LESS IS MORE!
GENTLEMEN: Will you be dressed as an athlete of a school team, a teacher of a free spirit, or a sexy professor, do not forget about your wild side!

60 € Premium couple
80 € Trying and basic couple
What’s included in the price:
– Champagne, soft drinks and coffee are included in the price
– Finger food

* Other alcoholic beverages on order are additionally charged.

Professional photography:
We also organized professional photoshooting for the party or in front of him with photographer Jelena Calasan. For more information and reservation, please contact:

FF validation:
If you are not a FF validated member, all visitors of the event will
get validation!
With FF validation, you get a 20% permanent discount on Premium membership

Contact and reservations:
For any further information and reservations, please contact us by email